When and Why Should You Redesign Your Website?

The reasons when and why should you re-design your website could be obvious or maybe not.

Things change so quickly these days and especially so in the world of technology. Like fashion, website trends change too. What was cool could now become so outdated. And, what worked last year may no longer work now.

Your website is your shop front in the wide world of the internet. So, every once in a white, you should take a look at your website and see if it might need a clean-up, a re-focus if your business has changed, and an update in look to keep pace with time.

Is your website responsive or mobile-friendly?

Website Re-designed to be mobile-friendly
If it isn’t, don’t think twice, a re-design is a must. With more and more people browsing websites on mobile devices, you will miss out on a large share of business opportunities if your website is difficult to view or doesn’t work.

Back in the days (not that long ago) before responsive designs, we made two versions of a website, a full version and a mobile version. Nowadays, with a responsive website, it automatically detects the screen size and presents the correct version to the viewer.

Does your website look dated?

Such a website gives the impression of neglect which may be interpreted as your attitude towards your services or business.

What are the charateristics of an outdated website?

A narrow pagewidth is a big giveaway. This is particularly noticeable when you view your website on a wide screen. A narrow page width goes back to the days when our computer screens and browser resolution were small. The trend now is go wide or fullwidth.

Some designers like to allow plenty of space in between sections.  This is trendy.

Also, the size of the text now is larger than what it used to be. No longer do we need to cramp small text onto a narrow page and to fit everything in, not wasting any space. Google favours ‘readability’ which includes font size that’s large enough for easy reading.

Does your website still serve your needs?

Your business and focus change over time. You might have added new services or products. Are you able to add these new info or pages onto your website quite easily yourself? Modern websites are built with Content Management System, allowing you to take control of your website without having to run to your website designer or developer for every amendment or addition.

Are you able to add new functionalities to your website? For example, you might need to add a booking facility, or a mailing list pop-up (opt-in) or even to change it from an information website to an eCommerce online shop! A modern website can simply add any of these and even more, by installing whatever it is that you need onto your website.

Is your website getting you results? Perhaps it needs to be optimized for better search engine visibility. Or the text content needs to be re-worded to capture attention or trust. Or a Call-to-Action added.

Is your website difficult to customize?

Do you see the need to shift certain content on the Home page from one position to another, or to add more to it. But, you can’t? Do you need to add or take away, elements or sections, eg, a sidebar or footer widgets, to the website globally but again, you can’t without hiring a developer to make the changes for you?

Old designs have all the various components of the pages pre-defined for you. You simply input the text or images elsewhere in the theme options and they appear on the pages. With modern designs, you work on each page freely, positioning and customizing as you wish. Modern designs also have ‘page builders’ which make page building and editing easy. Some builders are ‘what you see is what you get’ type; others may be a ‘wire-frame’ type.

When your pages are easier to edit and work with, it encourages you to edit them and to keep them up to date. If you engaged a webdesigner to work on the changes for you, it will take less time, therefore less charges.

Are there any other reasons I might have missed? Let me know please.

Should you come to the conclusion that your website needs a re-design, a revamp or a refreshing, contact Jade. Over the years, Jade has done several re-designs that proved very effective for the site owners.

“The upgrade of my website sent my sales soaring,” said Michelle of Sleep Tight Babies website.

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