What is a Responsive Mobile-Friendly Website?

It is a website that can respond and react to the device used. The device could be a smartphone, a tablet, an iPad, a laptop, a desktop computer, etc. Responsive Mobile-Friendly website will respond by resizing and rearranging the placement of its contents to suit the device so that the contents are readable and viewable. The menu also changes itself to one that suits the device.

Is your website mobile-friendly?

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In the ‘old days’ webpages to suit mobile devices were designed and built separately which means twice the work. Nowadays, we build only one version of a website and it can respond and react to suit at least 3 screen sizes.  Clever!

Here’s a desktop computer browser view of a website:

Desktop Computer view of mobile-friendly or responsive website

Desktop Computer view

And, here are two responsive or mobile-friendly website views:

Responsive website views

Responsive views of website

You can resize your browser to check a website. If it is a mobile-friendly or responsive website, you will see that the content is automatically re-arranged to fit and you will not have to pan from side to side to read a sentence.

Note the new style Menu. When touched, it will expand to show a list of all the pages.

It is important to have a responsive mobile-friendly website

  • Google is now using the mobile version of your site for indexing and ranking.
  • Your website will lose out on search engine ranking if it is not responsive or mobile-friendly. So it is harder for people to find your website.
  • More and more people browse using a mobile device especially when they are out of their home or office or simply for the convenience of having a portable device while away from a laptop or desktop computer.
  • If your website is not responsive, it becomes either impossible or too tedious to view.
  • Some non mobile-friendly or non-responsive website simply will not work on mobile devices.

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