What are the requirements to turn your website into an online shop

These are the requirements whether you already have a website and wanting to add an online shop to it or adding the functionality to your new website:

On your part as the website owner, you need to think about

  1. Your products’ (products can be a physical or digital product or services)
    • pricing – including the prices for each variation (size/colour/pattern/volume)
    • description, in as much detail as possible
    • the variations of the product – whether it has a size (small, medium, large/size 8,10,12..etc), colour, pattern, volume.
    • images – both the main product image as well as the gallery images showing the different views.
  2. Shipping charges
    • Will the products incur shipping charges as a flat-rate? or by weight or volume?
    • Will the shipping charges be based on the customer’s location (suburb, state, country)?
  3. Product categories – will they be by
    • gender, eg boys/girls/men/women/unisex
    • age, eg 12-14, 15-18, etc.
    • wear, eg tops, pants, skirts, accessories, sports, casual, formal, corporate
    • brands
    • use, eg skincare, cosmetics, for eyes/lips/brows/body/hands
    • types for services, eg relaxation, consultation, support, therapy, coaching, mentoring
  4. Payment – the default payment gateway is through PayPal. Do you require a different payment system or an additional system such as Swipe or PoLi?
  5. Terms and Conditions
    • When can delivery be expected?
    • In case of damages, what are the procedures to lodge a claim?
    • What are the procedures for a return or exchange?

You can engage me to publish all your products or, alternatively, I can publish a few and you can add more products yourself later.