Screenshot of a producer company website redesign

Website redesign for a mushroom producer

This is a sizeable website for a mushroom producer in Malaysia, consisting of 11 information pages and 45 recipe posts.

The original website was very slow to load. Most pages carried images that were huge in filesize, some over 2Mb, loaded onto an image slider. The slider software merely served the function of displaying the header image without any sliding or animation effects. Many of the recipes were wrongly titled and some with the wrong images for the dishes. The robot.txt file was forbidden to show the description of the website. So, it was not ranked by search engines.

The redesign work tidied up the pages, giving it a cleaner look, more befitting of a big producer company. Photos with cartoon graphics were removed and replaced with good, real photos to give it a more mature, professional look because this website is to cater to companies seeking to buy their products wholesale.

The correct titles and images were appointed to each recipe. All the recipes were given their correct categories. A Brands and Products page was added, to show what the products look like at the shops so that consumers know what they should be looking for.

All images were resized and compressed. No image slider were used. Sliding images are no longer trendy and are not desired these days. Now the pages can load faster. Search engines are now allowed to read and show the description for each page and the whole site is ranked highly.

By the way, the mushrooms are super versatile and delicious!

Check out the website live. Here’s a screencapture of the Home page.

Screencapture of a producer company website redesign