WebDesign for Youtime

Website to support new mothers | YOUtime

Dianne came up with the idea of providing support for new mothers who might be struggling to cope. She wanted a simple website.

Two samples were drafted, one a conservative, traditional design and the other, a more trendy design. Although the first design was accepted, the latter was ‘it’ from the first look.

The colour as well as the fonts used on the logo/branding were incorporated into the website. In consideration of a new mother’s possible state of fatigue, sleep deprivation and emotionally fragile, the website has a soft feel. There are some gentle animations as the text and images come together. The pink colour was picked off the gerbera, providing a good accent colour.

The back-to-top button is also customised for the website:

Youtime website back-to-top button

View it live.

Youtime webpage screencapture