Reflexologist website

Website for Reflexologist 2b in Harmony

Mandy of 2b in Harmony wants a small website to begin with while she establishes and grows her client base.

Mandy provided a great, long write-up about Reflexology, obviously a subject she knows much and is passionate about. Apart from Reflexology, Mandy provides other therapies such as Zu QiGong, relaxation massage, reiki and crystal healing.

No images other than the one of Mandy and the garden were provided, so images were sourced online. They are to be replaced when Mandy has her own photos taken to show the various therapies in action, etc.

Mandy’s slogan is ‘Being in balance naturally’ which became the inspiration for the design. A stack of rocks depicts the visual for the word ‘balance’. This is also used in the simple graphic I created as her logo branding.

The website design is a modern, split design with soft background colours stacking one on top of the other, balancing and overlapping. It looks like there are many pages with the second-level, dropdown menu under ‘Therapies’ but in reality, it is a one-page with anchor links (jumps) for each therapy Mandy provides. In time and as budget permits, each therapy could have a page of its own.

Here is a screen capture of the Home page:
Screencapture of 2b in Harmony Home page

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