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Website for an Apparel Business

Karen has just set up her new business of supplying apparels for corporate wear, workwear and sportswear.

Website of an Apparel Business design considerations

As usual, clients get two wedsite design drafts, live.

  • Design one is conservative, using ideas taken off Karen’s printed advertising leaflets. Karen wanted an image slider on the Home page to showcase the 3 categories of clothing she supplies. So a page view of the Home page with an image slider and the same page view without the slider were made.
  • Design two is a more trendy design.

Karen chose the former.

Initially Karen wanted a catalogue website which is the same as an eCommerce site but without the products going through the sale transaction process. Instead of the sale, Karen wanted an ‘Add to Quote’ function. However, after setting up all those, and being able to see how things work, Karen decided to simply have each of her supplier showcased on a page with either an iframe of their pages or links going to them. Then there’s a quote request form specific for each page, for potential customers to submit their enquiries. So, there are 40 garment suppliers’ pages on top of other information pages. This project kept me happily busy through the Covid19 lockdown.

The colour scheme for this website is dark blue and dark grey, the colours of trust and ‘no-nonsense’. Every image was chosen with care. Karen is someone who knows exactly what she likes and wants, so every step and page layout was sent through for her approval first. The quote form was also customized to achieve most of what Karen wanted. Every form was tested to make sure they worked as they should.

Karen said, “I am feeling so excited about the look of this website and truly love the freshness and sharpness of it, while looking professional, informative, and the big one – enticing”.

View the website LIVE

Here is a screenshot of the Home page:
Website for an apparel business

And a category page:
Website for an apparel business