Website for vision impaired

Website design for people with vision impairment

This website is for a group of Supervisors for mental health workers. It was meant to be a one-page website but a second page was added for the Supervisors; one of whom has the interest to make sure the website caters for people who have vision impairment.

Initially the Supervisors tried to build the website themselves using a website builder platform but it became too difficult. They could not achieve what they wanted.

The website is to be simple, without a lot of text and long paragraphs showing. To achieve a website friendly for those with vision impairment, photos need to have alt text that are descriptive of what they show. Text need to be of good contrast with the background and of a good size. An accessibility checking software was installed to check through the pages.

In their interest not to have too much text showing, some text were hidden and can be viewed when expanded. This is not normally recommended for important content because search engines would regard the hidden text as unimportant. The navigation menu consists of ‘jumps’ which when clicked, simply jumps down to the pertinent section. A simple logo was created as part of the project.

View the website live!

Here’s a screenshot of the Home page:
Screenshot of a website for the vision impaired