Counselling website screenshot

Website Design for Counselling Services

We met over a cup of coffee at a cafe in the mall where it was convenient for Jo who was recovering from a job related injury. The conversation and discussion was fun and Jo is someone who is easy to talk to. It was a time to get to know each other to see if we are a good fit to work together on the website and also for me to get to know the business that Jo’s website is going to represent. We also discussed the domain name.

Jo wants the website to showcase her service of providing sex counselling via audio/video means. It is to have the ability for people to purchase the sessions. Two drafts were submitted to Jo a few days after the meeting and Jo chose draft 2 which is the more modern version. It is light, youthful and clean looking. I organised the procedure to engage Jo’s counselling service into 3 steps including knowing one’s rights as well as giving consent. So, a consent form is created and in addition, a page for website Privacy Policy.

Working with Jo on the website was easy with the text content she submitted. Images were sourced online. Some assistance was given to set up Jo’s Paypal account but apart from that, everything was accepted without any need to amend.

Check out Listening Ear – Sex Counselling/Therapy

Here is a screencapture of the Home page:
Counselling website Home page screencapture

And here is the Service page with the consent form:
Counselling website Service page screencapture