Screenshot of a website design for a manufacturing company

Website design for a dairy manufacturing company

This company is now Kiwi owned. Their domain name was redirected to their old associated company in another country. They now need a new, independent website.

  • The website text content was taken from the historical archive of their old website. It was revised and updated.
  • New photos taken onsite were provided to replace the stock images used on the old website. This makes the website more real and relevant to the business.
  • The old colour scheme of blue is no longer suitable so it is changed to the green taken off the logo.
  • The background colour of the header reflects the colour of the wall of premise.
  • On long pages, a ‘jump to’ submenu was created to quickly and conveniently jump to what a visitor might be looking for.
  • Another helpful and convenient feature is the language translator for the client’s customers overseas.
  • As this website is for global business possibilities, a Privacy Policy page is added.
  • A video is also added to show their contract manufacturing capabilities.
  • Some simple, gentle sliding animations were enabled to capture attention.

Here is a screenshot of the Home page or visit the live website :

Screenshot of manufacturing company website