Web Design Articles


What are the requirements to create a website?

Thinking of having a website and wondering what it involves? Here is a list of what is needed, the various components that make up a website.

Working together to create your website

Well done for reaching the decision to have a website for your business! Know what you need to prepare and be the perfect web design client to obtain the best outcome in the shortest time to have your website ready.

Domain name/s registration

What should your domain name be? Read this article on points to consider before you register your domain name/s.

The need to have a responsive website

Gone are the days when a website can be viewed by using a computer only. Nowadays website browsing is increasingly done with devices such as a smartphone or tablet, due to their portabillity. So, it is important that your website can respond and resize to the smaller screens. Is your website responsive?

Extend and expand your website

A plugin adds functionality to your website. It could turn it into an online shop. Plugins could be installed to improve the performance of your website too. Find out more...

Turning your website into an online shop

The preparations you need to make as the website and shop owner; the various things you need to think about.
Find out more...

Making your website look good with images

Why are images important for your website? How and where can you source images?

When to redesign your website?

The information on your website need to be kept up to date and correct. But, what about the design? Trends and design can change very quickly. Is it time to update the look of your website or to keep up with the changes and requirements?

The importance of using and choosing colours

Colours create moods for websites as they do for our everyday living. Read more about Colour Psychology and how colours are chosen for your website.

Keeping a website updated

After a website is completed, the core files, themes, plugins and PHP need to be kept updated as new versions, or patches become available. This is important to keep your website functioning properly and especially, to keep it as secure as possible against infections or intrusions.  Read this article on Website System Maintenance if you want to learn more about what is involved or want to do-it-yourself.