Website Re-design for Business Coach

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Lynn’s Executive Leadership Coaching and Business Coaching website has become outdated and her old web-designer is no longer available.

Time for a Website Re-design

  • On the backend of the old website, it was not updated with very old, abandoned plugins and vulnerabilities.
  • It was responsive only to desktops and smartphones.
  • It was not possible to control the sequence of which section to appear first or last.
  • The look and feel was showing its age

So these were the issues to resolve with this website re-design job.

After a meeting with Lynn, drafts were presented, using two different themes and a few options of Home page layout for each. One was chosen and the design and layout fine-tuned with input from Lynn. The original colour scheme of purple and green is retained but together, we came up with a new shade for those two colours so that they either look good or acceptable on all devices.

Header images were mainly captured from the business video.

The website has Opt-in to the business’s MailChimp account.

Business coaching website capture

This is a capture of the old website:
capture of old website