Heritage website screenshot

Webdesign for a Specialist and Consultant

Carole-Lynne said she had been thinking and planning for her website for five years and it took me only three days to submit a draft for her consideration. When putting the draft together, I knew the first draft was a perfect fit and Carole-Lynne accepted it without any questions. We met up to discuss some image changes, the showcasing of her projects, etc. We also went through all the components of my quote, what they meant, what she needs and doesn’t need. I showed her Draft 2 which Carole-Lynne also liked but we decided Draft 1 is definitely the one!

The website uses the colours on Carole-Lynne’s logo and business card. Images were carefully chosen for each page. I simply love how they come together especially the mosaic image on the Home page, taken off an earthquake damaged heritage building. Again, what a perfect fit which made my work on this website such a joy.

The Projects utilize the ‘portfolio’ function. For now there is only one category but in the future, more projects conducted in other cities or countries may be added and categorized. Then the portfolio function will be put into effect.

Check out CLK Heritage.

Here is the Home page:
Webdesign Consultant website Home page screencapture

Here’s Draft 2:
Webdesign for consultant draft 2

And here’s the original draft made by the client’s graphic designer: