WebDesign for paintings website

WebDesign for a Paintings Website

Tom used a website builder company and built his website himself. However, he said that the site’s link would not come up on search pages.

Jade was engaged to re-construct the website to improve the situation. Tom is happy with the design of what he had done so Jade copied over the pages using a different system with some improvements.

  • The logo is re-positioned to the centre of the header.
  • A line of text and contact button added on top of the Home image.
  • A subtle slid-in animation of the text image for ‘When Thy Heart Begins to Beat’.
  • The background image on the original design for the text section was removed to improve readability.

screencapture of the Paintings Home page

Header images were added to all the pages, showing off Tom’s paintings. Tom did not want a full display of his paintings on the Gallery page so only three are randomly loaded with the others accessed through the pagination.
screencapture of Paintings Gallery website

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