Webdesign for demolition company screencapture

Webdesign for a demolition company

This company originally had a one page website. It was hacked and the domain name got directed to the page situated as a subdomain of a different domain.

So, Jade was engaged to do a complete reconstruction of their website from a one-page to a multi-page with a lot more pages to cover all their services and products. With the new design, their preference is to limit the amount of text on the Home page. So, under the header image, there is a row of smaller images, each linked to their main services. Hover effects were added to those images.

A Projects page is added so that their staff member could add posts on projects they have undertaken.

Jade is retained to maintain the website’s backend which will reduce the chances of the website getting infected or accessed illegally.

Here’s a screen-capture of the new (2023) website:
screencapture of demolition company's website

and here’s the old one-page website:
screencapture of demolition company's old one-page website