Web Design Process

This is a typical web design process

Each web-design project is different. The procedure is flexible, to suit circumstances and needs.

1. No Obligation First Discussion
This can be over the phone, by emails or in person. A time for questions and answers and to see if we are a good fit for each other. We will talk about what your intended website is about, how many pages you envisage there will be and if there are any special functionalities you would like to have. We will discuss if you need assistance in web content writing, photography, graphics and social media networking set-ups.

2. Quote and Acceptance
Based on the discussion above, a quote is made up and sent to you. You may bring up any queries or anything you are unsure of in the quote to discuss or clarify. When everything looks good, you accept the quote as well as the terms and conditions.

3. Payment of Deposit
Please pay the deposit requested to start the ball rolling. Deposits are usually 40% of the total cost.

4. Provide Content
Please send text content, images and any other files including PDF, sound or video files that you want to put up on your website. The sooner these are received, the sooner we get started.

5. Drafts and Choosing a Design
Some of the content you have sent will be used to draft two working samples. There may be notes or comments on each sample. You are welcome to ask if any elements could be changed. Then, please choose a design. You can request two design revisions if you wish.

6. Building Your Website
Your website will be built using the chosen design. All pages will be loaded. All plug-ins/widgets for added functions installed as well as Google Analytics, hits counter, etc. The design may be further fine-tuned and customized.

7. Approve Your Website
Please check through the website and see that everything works as it should. Approve website.

If you wanted an email mailbox, eg 'info@mydomain.co.nz', now is the time this is done.

8. Final Payment
Please pay the balance of your account.

Your website goes LIVE on your domain. Exciting!!

* If you need any assistance with content writing, sourcing images, photography, domain name registration, etc.. just ask.