Redesign Reflexologist’s Website

Saga’s website built in early 2017, was done on a theme that had become old. It was not flexible and it was not easy to position content where you wanted it to be. The Home page design and layout was pre-defined. Customization was very limited or very difficult for most.

Here are screenshots of the old website

2017 version

outdated website

2018 version

Here are some of the problems on the old website:

  • The website URL went to a ‘home’ page which was a different page linked as ‘home’ on the menu.
  • The content and pages of the website could be better organised.
  • The images needed to be replaced with those of Saga performing her therapies instead of stock photos with a man’s arms and hands.
  • The look and feel could be better customized to Saga’s work, taste, business and treatment room.

What we did to redesign the website

Saga had new photos taken which gave me the visuals and feel for her business to present on her new website.

Chatting with Saga gave me the depth and human element behind the business. So, the inspiration grew from there, drawing out a colour scheme from the photos.

Reorganised Content and Pages
Saga’s wonderful, long posts on Reflexology and Indian Head Massage are converted into pages so that they will be more visible and not get lost in the blog archive.

The old website did not have a ‘contact’ page but instead, contact details were put on the ‘Book’ page. So a ‘contact’ page was created.

The ‘BOOK’ page contains the original booking system and re-written booking instructions. The page is highlighted on the navigation menu for better visibility.

Added Functionalities

  • A simple purchasing system was added so visitors and clients can purchase therapy sessions and vouchers. Later, Saga requested to have a SHOP function to sell crystal pendants and gift vouchers.
  • On the ‘Articles’ page, clients and visitors can subscribe to Saga’s newsletters.
  • Google Analytics is installed.
  • The ‘back to top’ button is Saga’s branding.

Here’s a screenshot of the Home page or VIEW LIVE SITE:

Screencapture of Saga's website