Website Design for Property Management website

Property Management Website Re-design

It is given a refresh and update. The text content is reorganized, and spellings corrected. The team page is updated with new team members added. A link to the Tenants and Property Owners’ portal is added. Recent reviews/testimonials added. As requested, a language translation function is added, providing the ability to translate the whole website to many other languages.

Check out this re-designed Property Management website.

The original website for this Property Management company had many issues that needed correction, such as :

  • wrong spellings for some words which are important keywords
  • inconsistent sizes for the text, some of which was so small it was very difficult to read
  • missing links
  • not search engine optimized
  • the main image was not horizontally level
  • lack of visual appeal, looked depressing with a heavy use of blue, black and grey
  • difficult to edit or add to the pages.
  • The client was restricted on what they were able or allowed to access.
  • Some pages were wrongly created, with content put onto the Hypertext Preprocessor file instead and some pages were simply not accessible.
  • The client was not allowed access to the cPanel or File Manager.

The re-design and shift of this property management website hosting to Jade became urgent when the previous designer made a huge increase in costs. The new website and shift were made just in time before the new charges took effect. When this and some or all of the above points happen to your website, do consider a re-design and a new web designer.

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