LINK web design project capture


Gary wanted a website to help promote the services provided by LINK. The website has to be simple because it is aimed at new immigrants with limited English. Gary wanted a minimalist, clean look. Cost is a consideration as this is a non-profit community organization. The four-pieced jigsaw puzzle used as the logo was ‘taken apart’ and each piece is …

SRG web design project

Southern Reflexology

Southern Reflexology Group website project was on the discussion table amongst the committee members for a long time. I was called upon by the group to give talks and answer questions regarding the benefits of having a website and what functions it could perform. Work on this project required input from members to submit their details for their profile pages …

Sleepytot webside design capture

Sleepytot NZ

Sleepytot NZ is the distributor of Sleepytot, a soft-toy/pacifier-holder, from the UK. The website is crafted to adopt some likeness of the parent website and the packaging of Sleepytot bunnies. This website serves to profile the business as well as provide an online shop for direct purchases. Fiona has extended her line of products to include NUK soothers, Miracle blankets …

Sachie Web Design project


Sachie wants a website that reflects her taste and incorporates elements of her treatment room and heritage. A design that is too contemporary and sterile just isn’t for her. The chosen design features a Japanese painting of peonies used as the background for the slider. It is the perfect picture because Sachie is from Japan and peonies are her favourite …

Rocky website capture

Rocky Hudson

Rocky wanted to promote her services and have more clients. Most, if not all, websites for authors or editors out there are very traditional and often outdated and neglected. Rocky chose a trendy and dynamic design. She chose lime green and purple as part of her colour scheme. The slider features detailed sketches by her son, portraying scenes related to …

Sleep Tight Babies website project

Sleep Tight Babies

Michelle in Australia has been trading through eBay and wanted to change her sale channel to an online shop instead. This would cut down on commissions. Sleep Tight Babies website was done through emails which shows that it is possible to have a website set up inspite of the distance. Sleep Tight Babies did not have a logo to represent …

Creative Health Acupuncture website redesign

Creative Health

Creative Health Acupuncture started as a hand-coded HTML/CSS website. When Sylvia joined the practice, adding her midwifery skills to complement Adele’s acupuncture and holistic women’s health care, the website had a makeover. In keeping with current trend and the move towards a more clinical direction of Creative Health, white is chosen to be the predominant colour and teal, a colour …



Reflexable started as a hand coded HTML/CSS website replicating its business stationery. The site served Michelle well but as website trends changed and new functionalities were required, it had a makeover and was converted to this dynamic version. The bright colours were toned down. The change to a dynamic website greatly improved its visibility and ranking on Google and other …

cuddlemebaby website design


Fiona needed a logo to represent her wholesale online shop and website. She engaged two designers through an online company which yielded unsatifactory results. The images didn’t quite represent the business and more importantly, they were very well used cliparts that were put together. They were not one of a kind or original. Cuddle Me Baby website project started and …

Waipuna website design Facebook cover


This graphic work is for Waipuna Estate’s Facebook Page cover: