Reflexable started as a hand coded HTML/CSS website replicating its business stationery. The site served Michelle well but as website trends changed and new functionalities were required, it had a makeover and was converted to this dynamic version. The bright colours were toned down. The change to a dynamic website greatly improved its visibility and ranking on Google and other …

cuddlemebaby website design


Fiona needed a logo to represent her wholesale online shop and website. She engaged two designers through an online company which yielded unsatifactory results. The images didn’t quite represent the business and more importantly, they were very well used cliparts that were put together. They were not one of a kind or original. Cuddle Me Baby website project started and …

Waipuna website design Facebook cover


This graphic work is for Waipuna Estate’s Facebook Page cover:

Penelope Power Facebook page graphic design


‘Penelope’ a real-life detective, wanted a cover pic for her Facebook page. She gave me a few pictures to base it on. Three sketches were drawn for her to choose from. This is the finished work for her Facebook Page cover.

Rustic webdesign facebook cover


This Facebook Page cover is for Rustic Bakery Café in Lincoln, Christchurch.

Gumnut baby webdesign logo

Gumnut Baby

This work is for Sleep Tight Baby website. It started as a pencil sketch of a sleeping baby. Since the website is for Michelle who is in Australia, it was decided we’d add some Australian flavour to the picture. So the baby sleeps on a Gum leaf and wears a gum nut for a hat. The sketch was coloured using …