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Orthopaedic Surgeon’s Website

This is a website which is a pleasure to build!

Orthopaedic Surgeon Alex, is starting his private practice. He wants a website not only to represent himself and his work but also to provide information for his patients. He is a joy to work with because he is very pro-active, resourceful, quick to answer questions and provides materials at a very good pace. His instructions are clear, easy to understand. All these mean the website build progresses in the correct direction smoothly. Ideas flow and fine-tuned without any long breaks in between.

A simple logo was created and the branding graphic is put in the background of the website pages with a semi-transparent overlay. This graphic is fixed so contents scroll over it followed by a scenery of Canterbury on the bottom.

Each long, information page has a ‘table of contents (TOC)’ so visitors and readers can see what’s covered on the page and go to the section of their interest quickly.

A QR code was created to be printed on cards, so people can simply scan it on their mobile devices to get to the website.

View the website live!

Here’s a screencapture of the Home page:
Screencapture of Orthopaedic Surgeon's website Home page