Natural Health Therapy website

Natural Health Therapy Website

This Natural Health Therapy Website is designed for Maria, a long standing, experienced Natural Therapy Therapist in Christchurch to showcase her many services.  Apart from Reflexology and Japanese Acupressure, Maria also does the less heard of therapies such as natural facelift massage and face reading. She also uses the metamorphosis technique.

Website Photos/Images

Maria arranged to have one of her clients as a model for her photoshoot session.  I always prefer to use ‘real’ rather than stock photos. This makes the website unique with images not seen elsewhere and what you see is what you will get when you go there.

It was great for me to visit Maria’s practice and learn more about her therapies and talents while doing the photoshoot. Doing the photography myself means that I could capture the scenes how I envisaged the photos to be used on the website. Maria and her model were wonderful with their poses. It was a fun session. I love how my Website Design work connects me with great people in the community.

Design and Colour scheme consideration for a Natural Health Therapy website

I drafted two versions of the website

  • one according to how Maria herself visualized her website to be, a ‘split screen’ design which was very popular some time ago.
  • the second version was how I would like it to be – an updated version of the split-screen design with sections staggered on the page rather than a half-and-half.

I’m happy Maria decided on the latter. Using that design, I played with Maria’s chosen colours of purple and yellow, showing her how it looked

  • being predominantly purple. It is a balanced shade of purple (not warm or cold) with black sections to give a cosy feel.
  • a second that is yellow. It looked bright, cheery and energetic.
  • a third mainly white and neutral, using purple/yellow as accents.

The final decision was to go with royal purple with dark and light backgrounds. This makes the website stand out, out of the usual neutral, forgettable websites for this field of services.

Each therapy is given a page so that it could be optimized for that particular service.  While I resisted and discouraged the use of huge image sliders on the Home page, I used small sized sliders on the therapy pages instead, to show the services from various angles and how they are performed.

Visit Maria’s Natural Health Therapy website LIVE

Here is a screen capture of the Home page:
Natural Health Therapy website screen capture

And here’s the ‘All Therapies and Services’ page:
Natural Health Therapy Website screen capture