Membership Website design

Reflexology NZ

I was approached to help with several matters on their old website they were unable to sort out. The site needed to have a Security Socket Layer (SSL) and desperately needed to have its core, themes and plugins updated. Information and download files needed updating. The web designer could not be contacted.

The website was re-designed only a year ago. Several images were not resized properly, looking distorted. Upon logging in, I saw there were 26 plugins, all needing to be updated! The website was hosted in Lithuania.

During the re-design discussion stage, it was just opportune that the domain name became available. I bidded and secured it on behalf of the organisation. The new website was built on the new domain name. How perfectly it fitted, ‘Reflexology NZ’ and ‘’.

The website has some pages meant for members only. On the old site, the hidden pages and content were not set up properly so anyone given the URLs to those pages were able to view them without login access. The owners were unaware.

The new website looks fresh and clean. SSL installed and members were added. Upon logging in, members will be redirected to their Home page and their pages. Mailboxes were re-setup using the new domain name. Then the old domain name was redirected to the new website.

The hosting is now with a local company and the servers situated in NZ. It has come home sweet home.

Here are screenshots of past versions of the website:
RNZ website 2004

RNZ website 2008

RNZ website 2011
2011 version with dizzying images moving across the top.

RNZ website 2014
For several months in 2017, the website was not accessible and it finally emerged with this expensive version, the version I was greeted with for redesign:

RNZ website 2017