Screenshot of redesigned website

Keeping up with WebDesign Trend

The design and style of websites are ever changing, like fashion. Today’s trend no longer favours an image slider for many reasons. Thank goodness it’s gone. Sections are big with big text. Background colour overlays are used over background images. Animations are subtle, drawing attention to the various elements.

The original ‘Hands on Feet’ website was created by a local web development company. It did not even bear the correct business name and had outdated information. I redesigned it in 2013 into a responsive website and a design that was trendy back then.

Janette, the owner recently moved to a new location and wanted to update the information. That was quickly done but I made an offer to her to have the whole website re-designed. Janette likes vibrant colours and wants to show off the views from the new location too. Drafts were made up. I was thrilled with the new photos Janette provided me for the new site. They inspired this new website. Please take a look.

And here’s a full page screenshot of the Home page in its colourful glory:
Webpage screenshot