Images for Websites

Images for websites are important

  • For visual impact
  • conveyance of a message
  • look and feel.

Images create a visual first impression. They are an important part of web-design.

Ideally, the images for your website should be original, taken onsite, showing your premise, products, or the performance of services. Such as:

Facial treatment photo for website

Photo showing facial treatment for a beauty therapy website.

Purchased stock photos appear fake which audience find difficult to relate with. Images should be pertinent and real. It should support the text content or message. If it is a product, then of course it should show off the product. A profile picture of the person and other team members and staff providing the services on the ‘About’ page is a good idea as most people would like a visual of who they are going to be dealing with. The photos add connection, build trust and credibility.

Images can help to break up the text content on a webpage, making the page more conducive for people to read.

If images are properly labelled and tagged, they can show up on image searches. This becomes an opportunity for your website to be discovered.

Many websites have a page on reviews or testimonials. It is a good idea to include images of the people who wrote the reviews to add credibility and trust.

testimonial and the writer

A testimonial showing a photo of the writer

Images could be photographed by you or if possible, by a professional photographer. They should be of high quality.

If original photos are not possible, here are some websites with free, high quality photos:

Photos or images must be free from copyright issues.

When using images on a website, they should be sized to the required dimensions and compressed to reduce the file size. Huge photos or images slow down a website. Learn more about editing images for websites.