How to back-up website on cPanel

Please note that some webhost allows you to generate automatic backups regularly from cPanel. Also, on WordPress, you can install plug-ins to backup your site too, even one that automatically backs up to your Dropbox. But, if you’re one who prefers to be hands-on, here goes:

Log in to your cPanel.
The address should be:
cPanel login page will load.
cpanel login page


Enter your Username and Password.


Upon successful login, you’ll get this page:
cpanel page



Look for the back-up icons under ‘Files’ section:
cpanel backup section



Click on the ‘Backup’ icon.
cpanel backup page


Watch the video tutorial if you wish.

Click on ‘Download a full website backup’. Enter your email address and you will be notified when a full backup is ready for you to download.

Under ‘Partial Backups – Download a Home Directory Backup’ click on ‘Download’ and save it to your computer.

Under ‘Download a MySQL Database Backup’ click on your Database name and save it to your computer.

You might have noticed the ‘Restore’ functions are on this page as well, in case you need to use them.


To save a copy of your website content

Login to your website’s WordPress admin page. The default URL will be ‘your-website-URL/wp-admin’ but this URL might or could be changed for security reasons.

After logging in, you will come to your Dashboard page. Look for ‘Tools’ on the left of the page.
Wordpress dashboard


Under ‘Tools’ go to ‘Export’.
Under ‘Choose What to Export’ select ‘All Content’.
Click ‘Download Export File’ and save it to your computer.

Please note that this only saves your website pages, posts, product pages, project/portfolio pages, and media files. It does not save the database, plugins, WordPress, themes, configurations and everything else that runs your website.