Furniture Moving Company Website Design

Furniture Moving Company Website Design

The two young men behind this furniture moving company already had their website designed by someone overseas. It was hosted in the US.

The owner of the website was not happy with the design and look of the website. It looked messy. There were background images that looked pixelated and the layout was not satisfactory. Getting edits and design changes done was not easy with their designer. Communication was slow and difficult.

Being local in Christchurch, the guys could communicate with me easily to let me know what they wanted. A draft was made and accepted. Stock images are used with the intention of replacing them with their own photos when they are available. It was an easy process working with The Furniture Movers as replies and decisions were given promptly. If there was any hesitation, they would ask.

The website remain hosted overseas and the speed was slow. So the performance was not the best. After a while, the decision was to change over to my hosting account and what a difference! The guys are now kept busy and fully booked. When we finally met up for the first time, they expressed their thanks for the work done which made a huge improvement to their business.

The Furniture Movers provide furniture moving and storage services throughout New Zealand and also for moving overseas. They are keen, quick with any enquiries and do a good job. Check them out.