Web Design FAQ

Why do I need a website?

Having an online presence for your business or organisation is essential. It is the equivalent of your shop-front on the internet. It is available for viewing all the time, from anywhere in the world.

People are more inclined to go online and search for a product or service they want than to flip through the phone-books. If you are not on the internet, you miss out.

Your website also serves as a reference where people can learn more about you and be impressed by what you offer. Many people check out a company or service provider online before making the phone call for an appointment, to place an order or make a purchase.

Where do I start to have a website?

Contact me by email contact@jadewebdesign.co.nz, or use my contact form. We will chat and take it from there. I will guide you step by step till the completion of your website. Here is a typical web design process.

In short, we usually begin with a meeting or email, to talk about your business, your goals, what you want your website to be able to do (functionalities), colour preference and style. You will then provide me with text content and images. From there, I will draft samples for you to choose and the chosen one will be used to develop into your website. The pages will be reviewed and fine-tuned before it is launched.

What do you require from me to build my website?

Tell me your ideas, what your intended website is about, your goals, your target audience, your future plans for your website, your colour scheme, style and taste.

Tell me what you would like to have on your website, eg, a blog, a blog subscription, a forum, shopping cart, testimonials, image galleries, contact form, Google map, etc. Don’t worry if you don’t know, I will be able to make some suggestions once I have an idea of what your website is about after our chat.

You will provide me with text content for the various pages, also any images and logo graphics. Let me know if you need help with photography or graphics and I can refer you to my associates.

You will be guided and assisted all the way till completion.

Can I engage your service even if we’re in different cities or countries?

If you can write emails and send image attachments, we can do it. It won’t matter if you're on the other side of the pond. If you are someone who needs to connect on video chats, then I'm not the right person for you.

I have clients in other cities, in Australia and the United States. My Australian client said, "I was a little concerned about being in another country I can confidently say the whole design and setting up process went very smoothly."

How long will it take to build my website?

It depends on how quickly you can give me the details I need, such as web content and images. Also, how quickly you can decide on a design. I usually come up with your two samples of design within a week.

A website project is given a maximum of 6 months to be completed. I work fast so if you are responsive and supply what I need quickly, a small website could be completed in a week.

Can I maintain my website myself?

Yes you can. You will be given administrative access to your website so you can do anything with it. If you can come to my office, I'm happy to give you a 90 minutes training. This will enable you to add new pages or text and images, change or amend information and update the system. If it is an online shop, you will be able to add new products and categories, create coupons, etc, yourself. I have also written various instructional posts to guide you if you want to get hands-on.

If you would rather spend your time doing what you do best and not worry about maintaining your website, you can call on me to do it 'as and when' needed. Alternatively, I offer System Maintenance Service at a very reasonable yearly rate. This service will update your system, theme, plug-ins and widgets. It is important to keep them updated so that your website will run on the latest codes, to iron out any bugs, to get the latest functionalities and to maintain the security of your website.

What are the ongoing costs of owning a website?

  1. A yearly fee for your domain name/s – compulsory
  2. Webhosting – compulsory
  3. Email Hosting - for your domain name mailbox, eg 'info@mydomain.co.nz'.
  4. Subscriptions – if you subscribed to a particular plugin for a function that you need, such as booking or appointment facilities, payment gateway, etc.
  5. Website System Maintenance Service – check out the details on my Maintenance Packages page. No costs if you do these jobs yourself. Keeping your website updated is compulsory.
  6. Support – if you need me to help you sort out any website problems, add or edit content, install additional functionalities. Hourly rate applies.
  7. Security Socket Layer (SSL) if you have one installed on your eCommerce website. Most websites use free SSL so there is no cost for that.

If you can't find the answer to your questions, please contact Jade.