How to edit images for your website

When you are not a web designer or a graphic designer or anyone who works with images, you may not have the software to crop, manipulate or enhance and compress images for your website.

    • Cropping an image helps to bring the subject matter into focus. It also crops off any unnecessary background, making the image file size smaller
    • Manipulating or enhancing the images improve the quality and sharpness
    • Compressing images helps to reduce the file size to make it load faster, and to incur less mobile data.

So how can you do all those if you don’t have the software? Here are some online resources you can use:

Screen Captures or Screen Shots

You can capture your screen and convert it into an image file. This is helpful when you want a small image (or thumbnail) of a document to link it to the file for downloading, such as newsletters, flyers, time-tables, etc. You can make a capture of whatever is on your screen – a document, a webpage, etc. Hit ‘Print Screen/SysRq’ key on your keyboard. Then go to:

and follow the instructions there.

Cropping, manipulating and resizing images

Make sure to resize your images to the size required for the pages you are going to insert them. Do not load an image that is huge when the requirement is small.

Here is a good online photo editor: can help you design everything graphic with lots of templates.

Alternatively, you can also go to PIXLR -

Some graphic software enables you to save images for web.  After saving your images, next, we need to compress them…….

Compressing images

To reduce the file size of your images (less bytes) go to:

Name your image files appropriately for what they are, instead of the filenames automatically assigned by your camera.

Why should we use photos/images on a website? Learn more about images for websites.

Compress PDF Files

While on the subject of compressing, you can reduce your PDF files at


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