website header screenshot

Convert from a website builder

This client had an existing self-built website using a website builder company for more than two years. She found it to be too expensive and any additional requirements were also too costly.

The brief was to rebuild the website as close to the existing website as possible, using the same colour scheme, image and text contents. The result is a website with

  • the text size standardized
  • consistent design and colours maintained throughout
  • redundant and repetitious text removed
  • improved navigation so visitors can find their way around more easily
  • some elements put within ‘toggles’ to declutter the pages.

The client had her 90min in-person tutorial to do edits or additions to the website herself. She found it easy and is confident she will manage. All the design possibilities were exciting. In anycase, should a client prefer to concentrate on their business instead, they’re welcome to engage me to do any work on the website.

Here’s a full page screencapture of the Home page or visit the live website:

screencapture of a converted website