Completing design of Healing Energy Website

Completing and Redesigning Website

Shatara signed up for a hosting account and tried building her ‘Ascending in Light’ website herself. Shatara said she had been working on it for months with many challenges along the way. She did very well to have loaded all her pages and images and set up the Menu. Shatara wanted help on a few things such as ‘keywords for SEO, payments, currency conversion, email setup, security, maintenance, how to make it look professional, etc.’

We had a great time meeting up and chatting about her website and getting to know each other to make sure we are a good fit to work together. Later, I submitted a quote and proposal to Shatara to redesign the whole website which would include all the functionalities she needs and address all issues. This would work out more cost effective than to work on specific issues and it would mean a website that is complete inside and out. The proposal was accepted.

Redesigned Website Drafts

  • The first draft was based on what Shatara had in mind, ideas taken off websites that she liked.
  • The second draft was based on what I visualized the website should be with modern ideas and design.

I bet it wasn’t an easy decision as both drafts looked great (even if I say so myself). The final decision was for the second draft.

Completing and Redesigning Website

Working on Shatara’s website was easy, fast and most enjoyable because all her contents were already there. I could understand her business and work in entirety and worked out how or where to position her text and images and how to make all the pages to be cohesive as a website. After all the pages and content were loaded, Shatara had a few minor edits and we’re done! The result is a complete website, and it takes purchases of sessions with a currency conversion functionality. An email mailbox was set-up. A temporary text logo and favourites icon were made.

This website was completed while in Covid-19 lockdown which began shortly after our first and only meeting. We communicated and conveyed via emails.

This is the new, redesigned Home page or check out the LIVE Ascending in Light website:
screencapture Ascending in Light website

This is the old, original Home page:
Ascending in Light old site screencapture