Choosing a Web Designer

It is important to choose a Web Designer that you find easy to work with and shares your vision as well as takes time to know your business. If I agreed to work on your website, it means I share your enthusiasm for your business and want to see it become a SUCCESS.

There are many ways things can be done and all web designers have their own methods, procedures, terms and conditions. Also, there are many systems a website could be built on. When choosing a web designer, there are other things to consider besides the initial costs. With Jade, your website is created; customized to your needs, optimized for search engines and poised to achieve your goals.

  • Ownership

    you will be given complete ownership of your website. You will have access to your File Manager and administrative access to the dashboard. This will enable you to shift or transfer your website elsewhere if needed. There are many do-it-yourself website companies out there that do not give you access to your File Manager. So you will not be able to download your pages and files. Also, they may use their own system so your website cannot be shifted.

  • Maintenance and Support

    you will be able to do system, theme and plug-in updates yourself if you want to save costs. If you would rather do what you are best at doing and leave this job to me, then you are welcome to subscribe my System Maintenance Service for a small fee to have this taken care of.

  • Affordable

    updates for the system, theme and plug-ins are free. You are not tied to hefty developer’s fees to have those updates.

  • Autonomy

    you will be able to do amendments, content updates, add content, or even revamp and take your website to new heights if you wanted to. You will be shown how to edit, update and add content. If you would rather I do it for you, just let me know. You are not left to your own devices, Jade is happy to keep your website running in tip-top condition.

  • Complete

    you have a complete website, not one that is half-baked. Under the hood, images are optimized and everything is labelled. When your website is properly created from the very beginning, it is an asset and tool that you can build upon and get a steady upward growth.