Chiropractic Website Design

Chiropractic Website Design

Formerly Darfield Chiropractic, the new practitioner, Julianya, who took over the practice wanted a new website to go with the new name of Kowhai Chiropractic.

The old website was very outdated. Two chiropractic website design drafts were made using the existing text and sample photos. One draft was chosen. It uses the colour scheme of the practice, in a layout that the owner loved. The text content was updated and new photos replaced the old or sample images.

This website showcases the services with a page about the Chiropractor, an information page for new patients, about Chiropractic and pricing.

Check out Kowhai Chiropractic in Darfield, Canterbury.

We met up in person upon completion, to go through the website and to show the owner as well as her PA how to do edits themselves. Kowhai Chiropractic is set in a green, restful environment. It’s obvious the practitioner is sought after.

This is the old website:

old chiropractic website screenshot