Catholic Church website

Catholic Church Website Design

The major changes amongst the Catholic churches resulted in the merger of parishes in Christchurch. This merger was announced in June 2019, leading to the formation of 5 new mega parishes instead of many little ones.

So, here it is, the website for the Christchurch North parish, the amalgamation of Burnside, Bryndwr and Papanui. I worked with one of the Priests, transferring his chosen pages from one of the existing sites. After that, the imagery and text content were revised or updated. More pages were added. The team page has new photos of the complete team. A picture slider is preferred, instead of the other option of still photos, to show the 3 churches.

To help with the ease of website navigation

  • on a long page, there are ‘tabs’ on the top to quickly jump down to the section one might be looking for.
  • for a section that has several sub-pages, such as the ‘Sacraments’, then there is a set of picture links to the other pages on the bottom.

After completion, a training was provided. The staff and priest took over and expanded the website with new pages and added functionalities to cater to their needs.

Here are a couple of screen captures:

Catholic Parish Website Home page

Home page

Screen capture of Catholic Parish webpage

One of the sub pages