How to Work on Your Website

1) You would have been given the login URL, a username and a password. Log into your website. If you have forgotten your password, click on ‘Lost your password?’ on the login page to reset. A link to create a new password will be emailed to you. 2) Once you’ve successfully logged in, you will arrive at the ‘Dashboard’. It …

How to add images to your web pages and image gallery

Please read and follow instructions to prepare your photos before adding them to your web pages. You can view a larger version of the images on this page by clicking on them. To add images on a post Unless you are advised otherwise, you should be using the default post editor without any page or post builder, when writing a …

How to edit images for your website

Resources and links to online tools to edit images for your website; to crop, resize, compress, enhance images suitable for website use. Image files for website use should be as small as possible for better page loads.

How to add events to your Google Calendar

A brief tutorial for Jade WebDesign Art clients on how to add events to your Google Calendar. The calendar can be integrated on your website to show as a calendar page or list of events.

How to back-up website on cPanel

A brief tutorial on how to back-up website on cPanel manually without using plugins. Backup database, home directory, full backpups and content XML.