How to add a new product to your Woocommerce Online Shop

Woocommerce transforms a website into an online shop, enabling sale transactions.
This post is for clients who has an online shop using Woocommerce; to learn how to add a new product to their shop if they wanted to do it themselves.
*Note : Please click on images to view full size.
Log in to your website.
Look to the left of your Dashboard page to find ‘Products’ link under Woocommerce:

Woocommerce new product

Click on ‘Add Product’ and you will get an ‘Add New Product’ page.
Enter your product name.
Under the product name field, in the big box, enter the long or detailed description of your product. You can style your text content or add images, if you wish.
Add a new woocommerce product
Please note that the text you enter here will appear in the ‘Description’ box on the bottom of your product page (under the product image/s).

If you scroll down, you will see another box for ‘Product Short Description‘. Enter the short description or sales pitch here. The text here will appear on the top, right beside the product image/s and above the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

Product Data

Woocommerce product data Select ‘Simple Product’ if your product has no variations of sizes or colours. Select ‘Variable Product’ if it has different sizes, colours or other options that customers need to choose from.

Simple Product

Woocommerce simple productEnter the SKU (Store Keeping Unit) if you have one. Enter the regular retail price and the ‘sale price’ if the product is on special or discounted sale. For those who do wholesale, enter your wholesale price (which is visible to customers logging in as a wholesaler only. Wholesale pricing is an add-on plugin functionality).

Enter your inventory number if you wish. You will get a notification when your stock runs low.
Enter the weight or dimension of your product if your shipping charges are based on weight or measurements.

Variable Product

Woocommerce variable productSelect ‘Variable Product’ and enter your SKU if you have one. The rest of the box appears blank other than the SKU field.
Enter your inventory and shipping details as above.

Then click on ‘attributes’.
Click on ‘Add’ next to the ‘Custom product attribute’ box.
In the ‘Name’ field, enter what your variation is – eg, Colour.
In the ‘Values’ box, type your variations separated by pipes. Eg, Red | White | Blue
Tick ‘Visible on product page’ and ‘Used for variations’.
Click ‘Save attributes’.

Click ‘Add’ if you have another attribute, eg, Size and the variations of small | medium | large, as above.
Click ‘Save attributes’.

Woocommerce adding variable productNow go to ‘Variations’ tab and click ‘Go’.
Select a variation. If you had entered 2 or more variations, you will have two or more boxes to toggle your options. Choose the option you want to work on
Enter the price, stock, SKU, inventory, shipping details.
Click on the image icon and upload an image for that variation of your product if you have one. Eg, if it’s a red shirt, then upload an image of that red shirt.
Repeat the process for all the variations


Look to the right hand side and you will see a box for your product categories.
Select a category for your product or add a new category if what you want isn’t there.

Product Images

Scroll down and under ‘Product Image’ click on the link to select an image from your media library or upload an image for that product. Enter more product images if you want to provide a gallery of images.

Preview your work and if everything looks good, hit ‘Publish’. Your new product will automatically appear on your SHOP page.

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