How to add a new page to your website menu

So you have created a brand new page, and feeling proud of yourself for your accomplishment. You have hit ‘Publish’ but help! your new page cannot be seen anywhere on the front end of your website.

How do you add the new page to the menu so your visitors can view it?

From the Dashboard of your website, on the left hand navigation panel, go down to ‘Menu’:
website menu

Click on ‘Menu’. Voila!

Website menu structure

You will see the title of the new page you created in the box on the left. Click on the little square box to tick or select it.

Click ‘Add to Menu’ and the title will appear on the bottom of your menu structure set-up.
Hold down on the new title and drag it to where you want it to appear. Note that if it’s flush to the left margin, it will be a top level menu item. If you drag it slightly towards the right so it is indented, then it will be a drop-down of the item above it.

Click on the triangle (down arrowhead) and you can change the navigation label if you wish. An instance of why you might want to do this is if your page-title is long, you might want to shorten it to fit on the menu.

When you have finished, click ‘Save menu’

While you are here, should you wish to re-position your menu items, it’s just a matter of ‘drag and drop’ and then ‘save’.

Note: You may have more than one menus on your website. You can choose which menu you want to work on by going to ‘Select a Menu to Edit’ towards the top of the page. Find the menu and click ‘select’. Scroll down and look for ‘Menu Settings’ section and it will show you where the menu is used, eg Primary Menu, Secondary Menu or Footer Menu; depending on your theme.

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