Shopify eCommerce website screenshot

A Shopify eCommerce website

Bill has been selling fire extinguisher brackets through a local auction website for a long time.  He wanted to change to selling directly through a website instead.

Bill’s request was for a simple website that is easy to use, both for him and for his customers.  After some discussions, Bill opted to have a Shopify website.  With that platform, all website contents are stored on Shopify’s server.  Any additional functionalities are the ones that are available on Shopify only.  There are no worries of any functionalities that could break the website, no software updates to perform and no worries about security either.  All are taken care of by Shopify.

This website uses a free theme.  Customisations are within the scope of the theme. There are quite a lot of set-up settings to do.  Google Analytics is installed, and it is connected to Google Search Console.

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