Landing page

A one page website

Dr Jo wanted a very simple, one-page website or landing page. She prepared a very short text content for the page, with one liners and quotes. What a challenge, to put those together to form a page.

As the draft page was created and Dr Jo could see how and where sentences and images were placed, she submitted more text and edited the others. Things started to build up more cohesively. Little animated dividers or lines were added to visually link blocks or sections from one to the other. Light green and blue colours were used and the red of the branding image is used as the accent colour. The pages look calm and peaceful, the state prospective clients would want to achieve.

To facilitate the purchase of sessions, a new page had to be added. Disclosures and disclaimers were added along with a client information form. When Dr Jo came for her training session, she requested for a Blog to be added. And this is how a one-page website is no longer one lonely page. Then.. how about a mailing list opt-in? Dr Jo intends to write and send out newsletters. So, an opt-in was added and only pops up when a visitor is leaving.

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One page website